The Ghost Swing

Recently, posted a story about a father who was too scared to let his kids play on a swing at a playground because it was obviously haunted. That story can be found here.  Of course, Bryan and Baxter were compelled to take a trip out to a similarly haunted swing for a quick look. […]

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NASA’s Curiosity Rover takes image of what looks like cloaked woman on Mars! No, it doesn’t!

I sighed a huge sigh of relief this morning when I saw the headline that a woman was spotted on Mars. Now The Weekly Mars News newspaper will be able to print that “Martian Woman Has Martian Bigfoot Baby” or “Martian Bigfoot’s Lonely Days Are Over”. You know, headlines claiming that intelligent, complex life on […]

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Prediction: Weeks of UFO Sightings Coming!

I just love how the media can unnecessarily stir the public into a frenzy over nothing. It is both fascinating and painful to watch the intentional ignorance of the public flex its muscles because it is far more exciting to be misled than to be discerning. Watch this story from a local news station about […]

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Forced Into Possession

“Full” Disclosure? What happens when you find out that a grisly murder has taken place in your house, and suddenly, you have trouble sleeping at night? Every sound you hear must be the ghost of those that lived and died here; spirits that are now tied to this place for all eternity. This homicidal information […]

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