With over 25 years of experience, Bryan and Baxter use sound scientific methods to investigate everything from psychics to ghosts, poltergeists, cryptids, and UFOs.   The duo has appeared on many television shows, books, magazines, news programming, and documentaries.

Their stage performances and lectures are wildly entertaining with the duo playing artfully off each other to help get their messages across. They have performed in front of wide, diverse audiences including The Amazing Meeting, StarFest/HorrorFest, Colorado University, Ohlone College, SkeptiCamp, and many others. Check out the Past Events page for a more complete list.

Selected media coverage


Year Title Role Notes
2008 Ghosts of the Elitch Theatre Themselves by Little Fist Productions
2008 The Stanley Effect Themselves by 13 Pictures
2009 Ghosts of Capitol Hill Themselves by Michael Gross Productions
2012 Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer Used car salesmen by Bizjack Flemco
2012 Alien Valley Themselves by Dave Franco
2013 The Castle Project Themselves by Brian Higgins


Year Title Notes
2000 Scariest Places On Earth Episode 1.1
2005 Is It Real? Episode 1.3 Ghosts
2006 Ghost Hunters Season 2, Bonus Investigation: Elkhorn Lodge
2008 Larry King Live Space Alien Caught On Tape?
2010 Most Terrifying Places in America Part 6
2012 National Geographic Channel The Secret History of UFOs


Year Title Author Publisher
2002 Ghosts, Critters, and Sacred Places of Washington and Oregon III Jefferson Davis Norseman Ventures
2006 A Case For Ghosts J.A. Danalek Llewellyn Publications
2008 Ghost in the Mirror Leslie Rule Andrews McMeel Publishing
2008 Ghosts of Colorado Dennis Baker Schiffer Publishing
2010 Weird Colorado Charmaine Ortega Getz Sterling Publishing
2011 The Haunted History of the Croke Patterson Mansion Ann Leggett The History Press

Newspapers and magazines

Year Publication Title Issue Date
2006 Westword A Real Ghost Story 10/26/2006
2007 The Denver Post Something about the inn’s 3rd floor 10/29/2007
  The Denver Post Eerie past haunts Cheesman park 10/31/2007
2008 Boulder Daily Camera Local mavens of the macabre take center stage at Horrorfest 04/17/2008
  Fortean Times Alien ambassadors 06/2008
  The Denver Post “Alien” joins meeting about poking holes in video 07/12/2008
  Popular Mechanics (Photoshopped) Light on UFO Hoaxers 10/2008
2009 Committee for Skeptical Inquiry The Stanley Hotel: An Investigation 12/21/2009
  Committee for Skeptical Inquiry The “ethics” of Ghost Hunting 11/16/2009
2010 Committee for Skeptical Inquiry Frank’s Box: The Broken Radio 01/28/2010
  Westword E.T. Commission opponents have landed: Aliens, go home 04/28/2010
  Westword Spice & Spirits: A ghost at the Yak & Yeti 07/29/2010
  Committee for Skeptical Inquiry Frog Boy: Death of an urban legend 09/20/2010
  JREF Swift Fact or Faked: Faked! 10/07/2010
  AOL News Denver Voters Will Decide on Proposed E.T. Affairs Office 10/14/2010
  Wall Street Journal In Colorado, Flying-Saucers People Are at the Throats of Ghost hunters 10/29/2010
  5280 Is Denver Ready for an ET Commission? 10/29/2010
  JREF Swift Are we alone? (In thinking Critically…) 10/27/2010
  Committee for Skeptical Inquiry A Close Encounter with Jeff Peckman 10/20/2010
  AOL News Mission Aborted for Denver’s UFO Initiative 11/03/2010
2011 Committee for Skeptical Inquiry The Second Coming of the VIBE Machine 03/29/2011
  Horror News Unexplained Confidential: Rocky Mountain Paranormal 05/08/2011
  Committee for Skeptical Inquiry Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files 06/06/2011
  The Huffington Post Sandra Bullock: Ghost Hunting in London 06/17/2011
  The Bent Spoon Matthew Baxter Paranormal Claims Investigator And Host Of Warning Radio 07/2011
  JREF Swift Skepticism: The Next Generation 08/02/2011
  The Huffington Post Ghost Adventures’ Clashes With Paranormal Researchers Over Unexplained Phenomena 08/12/2011
2012 Doubtful News The Deliberate Skeptical Hoax 01/30/2012
  Professional Photography Blog Ghost Photography 03/08/2012
  JREF Swift Finally, A Cure For Cancer! (Again…) 03/20/2012
  JREF Swift A Survey of Ghost Hunting Groups 09/24/2012
  The Huffington Post The Dunafon Castle, The Brown Palace, Cheesman Park And Other Haunted Places In Colorado 10/31/2012
  Slate (magazine) “UFOs” Over Denver Bug Me 11/28/2012
  The Huffington Post Denver UFOs (Or Flying Insects) Still Have The Mile-High City Abuzz 12/02/2012
  The Bent Spoon Investigative or Indifferent: The FOX Denver UFO Video 12/2012
2014 Religion News Service Do skeptics kill Halloween fun? Ask ‘The Shining’ hotel paranormal investigators 10/30/2014

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